Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Okay, I know there are big problems in the world, like hunger, poverty, AIDS, and George W. Bush. But, this open display of insanity disturbs me the most.

I didn't watch it, because I've given up daytime television (and I'm now in a much better place), so without context, I find these images too horrifying for words.

Is he attacking Oprah? More than once? Why didn't some of her followers--er, I mean, audience members--take him out when he tried to do that? Is he standing ON the couch? Where is the ritalin for this guy?

Oh, that's right. Clams don't believe in taking drugs. Or, obviously, mental illness. How convenient for him.

Someone online said it best:
"I like Tom Cruise now. His insanity has come to the fore. He had no personality before. Now, he’s like a member of your family.

If your family had an crazy uncle who was liable to take a dump on the Thanksgiving turkey.


Blogger Sarah Donahue said...

To be honest, I have no idea what a Jabberwocky is, you'll have to ask Lewis Carroll, he was crazy. I always found it weird in the poem how the guy went off to kill the Jabberwocky despite the fact that it appeared to be minding its own business. A little unfair, I thought. Anyway, since it is a rather ambiguous title, I think it's safe to assign any definition we like.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Sarah Donahue said...

Scientology is freakin' fascinating. Stop posting so many links to it, I can't help but look up every last one of them hoping to add a new chapter in the ever expanding scientology tome that resides at the base of my skull (it precipitated out of my temporal lobe)

8:32 AM  
Blogger Sarah Donahue said...

i just clicked on 'Till we have faces' in your profile and every single person who has it on their blog is a freakin' looney Christ-head. They either play funny Finnish instruments and write weird poetry or talk about what would have happened if Adam and Eve's fall from grace hadn't happened (or as he casually refers to is 'the fall'). It's a shame that it's mostly Christians that read CS Lewis' adult works. What a waste

8:49 AM  
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